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Scott and Allison were pretending to be Cat and Owner. Scott said "Alli, the cat is sick. You have to take him to the Vegitarian"

Scott's new bed was delivered and assembled recently. Of the crew that did the work, Scott remarked: "... and then Mommy got a screwdriver and put it on the floor. And then they screwed up my bed."

We were telling Allison about which of the devices in the house were and were not around in the "old days", and she said "and I was born in the New Days".

We were reading a story that said one of the character's life revolved around moneymaking. Scott said "Isn't that against the law?".

We were enjoying a relaxing vacation in Hawaii when Allison sat back in her chair, and said with a big smile, "This is the light".

We just filtered a large glass of water to test our new camping water filter. Allison wanted to taste the water, and drank the whole thing in a few gulps, then lay down on the ground complaining of stomach pain. Scott said "She's probably not used to water without bacteria in it".