†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 2 0 0 6†† †MEMORIES



A mysterious aroma, sweet and spicy (is it ginger?† cinnamon?) †arrives upstairs.† There is work to be done, but, an investigation could yield delicious clues, fresh from the oven.


Reading a story.† Scott predicts the next plot twist.† The next page confirms his prediction.† His parents look at each other, their eyes wide and mouths open.


Playing Ultimate Frisbee in the rain.† Eventually, there are no more dry spots on your tee-shirt to wipe off the disk.


Laying down in a dimly lit room after a busy week.† A gentle smile crosses a parentís face and they fall asleep as the massage begins.


The confidence in Allisonís face as she performs a dance she invented.


Drifting off to sleep in a tent.† Miles from any car.† Planning even greater backcountry family adventures.


Munching popcorn in a dark theater watching a movie about cars that entertains kids, parents and grandparents.


Waking up under warm blankets on a Saturday morning.† The far-off sounds of make-believe games from the play room.†† Reassured, the parents go back to sleep.


Happy Holidays!

Brent, Julie, Scott and Allison






Come to our New Years Party!


December 31, 7pm to 2am

Buffet Dinner

Kids Welcome


Let us know if you can come.





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