Scott Gregory's Eagle Project -- Troop 75 Los Altos, CA

The project is to install a 70x11 foot artifical turf lawn for Denali School 495 Mercury Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.


October - December 2014: Measure the site. Learn about turf. Make a plan. Photos

December 6, 2014: Remove a layer of dirt to make room for the turf. Photos

December 7, 2014: Add fabric on top of dirt. Photos

December 13, 2014: Spread nine tons of gravel on top of fabric. Photos

December 21, 2014: Install Turf and add fill (sand on top of the turf). Photos


My name is Scott Gregory and I am a Life Scout in Troop 75 in Los Altos California. I'm currently working my Eagle project, which is to install artificial turf at a middle school in Sunnyvale. The back story is, the kids at the school wait for their parents to pick them up every day on this grass. However after a while, all the grass has worn away to mostly dirt. The real problem is in the rainy season, when the kids track mud into the building itself. The solution, to pull out whatever grass is left and install artificial turf which can handle the heavy amounts of foot traffic. Now here is the part where you come in, I need to fund raise the amount required to purchase the materials such as; the roll of artificial turf, a box of steaks for the turf, infill, seeming tape and glue, the landscaping fabric as well as sod staples to staple the landscaping fabric, and lastly delivery costs. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scott Gregory


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